How to Rent a Yacht in Miami

How to Rent a Yacht in Miami

How to Rent a Yacht in Miami

Whether you want to plan a special holiday with your family or organize a romantic evening along with your significant other, renting a yacht may sound like a good idea. It’s even better if you want to visit Miami!

This part of the USA is known for its beaches, hugely social places, legendary parties, and the weather. It is also known as the “world’s cruise capital,” which is why many people choose to rent a yacht.

If you’re interested in renting a yacht in Miami, there are some things you should take into consideration. Before getting started, let’s clarify some things.

Renting a yacht is not as expensive as most people think.

If you travel with a big group of people, you should know that most yacht rentals in Miami charge from $4,500 (or more, depending on the company) per week. Therefore, you can obtain some excellent bargains if you know where to look.

If you would like to rent a yacht for a single day, you can get great deals for as low as $400 a day, depending on the company.


How to Rent a Yacht in Miami

Where can you rent a yacht in Miami?

If you don’t know where to start looking for yacht rentals, it may be a good idea to look on the web. Multiple websites tell you where to go and offer you excellent deals, although some of them may be shady. It would be best to look deeply into the website’s reviews or in websites like Viator for more trustable options.

According to the Viator page, these are some of the well-reviewed options you can take into account.

Half-Day Yacht Rental in Miami – It has excellent reviews. According to many customers, renting a yacht in Miami with this company is worth the price.  They are currently charging $3,200 for what’s promised. It has a perfect score in Viator, and that’s why we recommend it if you want to spend a nice evening with your family or some friends.

Private Yacht Rental in Key Biscayne – This deal is another good option for those with more adjusted budgets. You will pay only $2,500 for four hours. It has fantastic reviews, so it wouldn’t hurt to look at it and ask the owners for more information.

In summary, you can consider online pages, but you can also approach companies in Miami while you’re visiting the city.