On the wave since 2017

Everybody wants to live their dream life and to reach all their wishes. We do more than that – we help you plan and enjoy your dream vacation! Miami Rental Yacht was born for the love of the sea and the ocean and the people. This is what makes us so special: we care about our customers. You just picture your ideal vacation (must include water and a yacht!) and we are trying our best to make it possible.

On the wave since 2017

We try to make every single one of our customers feel like home when they are far away from their own home, and this is one of the main reasons we have so many people reaching for our services (100.000+). We make their needs and wishes our priorities and we fight for them with everything we have, our desire to protect our customers being compared with the way pirates used to protect their most precious treasure.

This is one of the favorite things we ever heard about ourselves in these past 6 years of experience, mainly because it is so accurate: our most precious treasure is the people who use us to fulfill their dream of the perfect holiday. We also are like a beautiful chameleon: we adapt to the different and unique needs of our customers. We want to make everyone feel comfortable and safe, so we take all the measures possible to do that, for every unique person that steps on our boats.

We are like a big family, full of people that share the same dream of taking our customers to their ideal place. We are part of a big official and professional site group in the yacht domain and we are proud of it, mainly because we want our ideas to come through together with the best ideas around the world, all coming together with the same purpose. We care about people, and this is why so many persons are trusting us.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go: our boats will carry you to that destination. Whether it is the hot Miami sun, the crisp air of Florida, or the clean waters of Greece, we got it! We have yachts that travel around the world, ready to make the journey a beautiful and unforgettable experience, right from the first moment you step on it.

There is no place like home, we know that. But if we come to make our boats feel close to it, with an amazing team of people ready to help you anytime, a great set of activities that will keep you entertained and make you learn new things at the same time, and great places where your children can play and rest. There is no need to worry about safety either. While we can’t predict all of the bad things that can happen, we can for sure be prepared for them and assure our passengers with the best care and safety measures.

So, what are you waiting for? No excuses this time, we have all the solutions! From security, safety, and amazing conditions for the best prices on the market, we are the step you need to take towards your dream vacation. We are the solution, use us to get to your perfect holiday. We are ready to take you there, are you ready to make your dream come true?